Saturday, February 16, 2008

Latest Project.

I made a book to keep my household information in. The book has a tab for each month and additional tabs for other sections. Each month has a calendar, along with a bill page, expenses page, grocery list page and notes page. Other sections include important numbers, bulk shopping sheets, menu sheets, special events sheets to make any necessary lists for events such as birthdays or other parties. I thought that with moving into a new house it would be helpful to have an organized way to keep up with everything. Hopefully it will be a real help.

So much is going on.....

So much is going on right now. January was a big month of reflection and decision making for both my husband and I.
1) A big career decision was made on my part. I will be hopefully teaching in the fall. I enrolled in an alternative certification program that will enable me to get my teaching certificate. When I started college I was going for education and made a change to healthcare. However I have a longing to teach and will be fulfilling that dream. With that said PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!!! I am taking my Life Sciences Certification Test Feb 23, 2008 at 2:oopm. All prayers are welcome.
2) DJ and I are buying a house. We will be closing the week of the 25th. WE will be moving the end of the week. It was a major decision but one we were definitely ready to make. WE will be moving to a new city so I will be keeping in touch with everyone via email as I attempt to meet new people in my neighborhood.
3) Finally I will be having surgery the monday after we move into our new house. March 3, 2008. It has been a long time coming. I am ready to have this surgery and looking forward to the relief it will bring.
4) My final event coming up is to say I will be completing my Bachelors Degree on March 3, 2008 (yes the day of my surgery). That is a long awaited event. I will have my ceremony in which I will walk in June, which by then I will be working towards my Masters Program.

Okay well how is that for a run down. Busy first of the New Year. This is definitely the first year that has seen so many changes and goals that will be followed through with. I will be posting pictures of the new house soon.

Hope all is well in your lives and goals. Have a good day.

New to Stampin Up!!!

I joined Dawn Rapsas Stampin Up group two nights ago. I am so excited. It was my Christmas Present to myself. My husband and I did not buy Christmas for each other this year and promised each other we could use a little of income tax a belated Christmas. I really am exicted. YEAH!!!
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