Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Being Sick Sucks

UGH...I am recovering from a virus, which sucks majorly. It is bad enough when you just don't feel good. But to be sick is so much worse. Not only did I feel horrible, but I was too sick to go to work and therefore I was playing catch up today. I am still really tired and worn down. I don't have any extra energy to do anything. Good thing my mind still works since my body doesn't want to.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Baby Shower Invitations


Finished my first project today. Baby Shower Invitations for a friend.
The front: I bought baby block paper from Hobby Lobby. I cut out the blocks, glued them on the front. Added a ribbon and a stamp of baby feet to the front.
Each block is then outlined with puff paint. I used a light color around the blocks and outlined the letters or numbers in a darker color.
The inside is stamped and colored. I used a bunch of little baby stamps to make a border and a large stamp to make the party information portion of the invite.
It really was so much fun to do this. I am so excited to start working on my Christmas Cards. I also have some new projects that I am going to be working on. I am going to make a baby book for my friend as well.

My Workspace

Work space

I finally have a workspace. YEAH. It is set up in my bedroom. I have affectionately come to call my bedroom, "The craft space with a bed". LOL. I got the table from my son's daycare. My huband was gracious enough to hang the wire shelving that I have put stickers and paints on for now. It is great. I don't have to lug everything up and down the stairs all the time. Maybe I can be more productive now.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Why Blog?.....

So why blog???? I must thank the amazing friends I made at Scrap-A-Faire for the idea to even create my own blog. I have wanted a place to post my thoughts, ideas, and post my scrapbooking creations. Thank you all. I am so happy to have found that place. I am so sad that Scrap-A-Faire is almost over. IT has been a great experience and I have taken so much away from it just by meeting so many amazing people. I will be posting new pictures and creations as soon as possible. I have to take some pics of my scrapbooking pages so that I can post them.
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